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Ito&Yoshida International Patent Firm

Ito&Yoshida International Patent Firm is not only a patent applicating agent. We regularly provide the most suitable service to our clients as a consultant on such a various stage as exploring intellectual property, obtaining the intellectual property right, and exploiting the property.

We have professional skills as a consultant of various technical fields; focus on Telecommunication, Computer, and Semiconductor processing fields. We also have a wide experience in prosecution and litigation procedure of the intellectual property in United States, Europe and every country in Asia.
There has been a rapid change recently in the world of Intellectual Property. The handling of the Intellectual Property will certainly have a great effect on your business. Now attention is being focused on the importance of Intellectual Property right. Today, a new technology, such as Internet, Gene Technology etc... are developing radically.

We promise to support and brush up your business for Intellectual Property.

President Patent Attorney
Mitsuru Ito

Ito&Yoshida International Patent Firm

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